Researching ‘shrooms’: Legality, the magic tripping dose, and its healing potential.

by Bill Kovski October 07, 2016 0 Comments

Researching ‘shrooms’: Legality, the magic tripping dose, and its healing potential.

In the realm of psychedelics, it is just a matter of time before the science and evidence is irrefutable. 
In the US, magic mushrooms are a Schedule I drug, meaning they have no medical treatment value and offer a high potential for abuse. Anyone with a free thinking brain can smell bullshit from a mile away. In Canada, mushrooms are schedule 3, so over here, we are getting closer to putting the medicinal stamp on them. In Brazil, it is legal to grow them, eat them, distribute them, and sell them!
Check out the: Legal status of mushrooms around the world. 

The fine people at Johns Hopkins University have discovered that the "magical" dosage that initiate mystical experiences that at least 80% of participants in psilocybin studies have purported is between 20mg and 30mg per 70kg of body weight. That is roughly 2.5-4 grams of dried shrooms for someone who weighs roughly 150 pounds for the lower spectrum, and 4-6 grams on the higher spectrum. 

Visionary psychonaut Terence McKenna called “a heroic dose,” in which the ego is dissolved and where the real spiritual healing begins.

While popular antidepressant medications have significant adverse side effects, magic mushrooms have been used for millennia, and may even be the key to the spiritual evolution of humanity, when our shamanic ancestors encountered ecstatic states of consciousness that they represented in beautiful cave art found ubiquitously throughout the world.  Mystical medicines have been used for thousands of years and we can even see some of their work in the cave paintings from around the world. 

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Spanish Mushrooms Cave Drawings

Psilocybin treats the soul, not the symptoms

This war on consciousness is driven by corporate greed and political interests. 
As Bill Hicks said, "What do you think it will do to the arms race when they realize we're all one? Its gonna fuck up the economy"

Magic mushrooms, when coupled with therapy can provide incredibly profound results. McKenna would stay in a dark room with no music, and just allow the mushroom to show itself and then he would invoke it. "Show me something I dont know" he would say. The mushrooms show what is at the heart of our emotional distress, and which is the underlying cause of the neurosis.

Even terminal cancer patients are finding comfort in what the mushroom shows them, and that is a realm beyond death that isn’t as terrible as they think, and that this life is just one of many on the journey of the soul.

When you are in safe and comfortable setting, you are able to comfortably revisit the trauma from a new perspective, under a different light, a more intelligent and aware voice may speak to you and thats where it gets magical, and thats why "buying a scale" is so important. 

Psychedelics seem to be the magical substance that can bridge science, mysticism and spirituality in one fell swoosh, and of course that is going to freak out the established pharma hierarchies, but just because our world is a certain way now, doesn't mean it will be that way in the near future. 


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Bill Kovski
Bill Kovski