TESTIMONIAL | Contacting your higher self

by Bill Kovski October 05, 2016 0 Comments

TESTIMONIAL | Contacting your higher self

Art: “Trancendia” by Android Jones

By the end of my experimenting with salvia days, I was able to make contact with something other than me. Something higher, something wiser.  I believed that it was me, but just in a different temporal reality; beyond the 3rd dimensional construct.  Here are some accounts from Acidmathers regarding the idea of contacting your higher self. 
  • Once in a lucid dream, about 3 years ago, i tried to manifest my subconsciousness as a person. In the dream i closed my eyes and said to myself, when i open my eyes my subconscious will be there. A black haired woman appeared and stabbed me, killing me. She said i'm not ready yet or something like that. She' still appearing in my dreams sometimes

  • I met the core of who I am, revealing my true potential as a human spirit. It awakened me to the potential of life and the limitless happiness, joy and love it can entail! Most importantly my awakening taught me to be humble, it showed me the true definition of love. The main message is to love and to be comfortable with who you are because life is too short!

  • The thing inside you, the higher self, is on equal plane with everyone else. Once you see that, you will see just how much you deserve the happiness that you must focus on. Also you will notice how much more kind you are to others when you love yourself and are happy.

  • I think to "contact" your higher self, you just need a method to get rid of your "lower" self, what remains is your higher self. f.e. like in an egodeath

  • Carl Jung and his cohorts maintain that a strong relationship between Self and Ego must be fostered to achieve the great alchemical work of individuation. For me the lower self is kinda the ego, the part of us thats defined by our past. The higher self is the observer, time less, has the power to guide the lower self. Ego and the higher self seem to require each other for daily living. The ego is what gives us material to enlighten us with the help of our higher selves to resolve issues for a certain purpose, may it be the personal pursuit of happiness. In our lives our self consists of both, changing over time, keeping eachother in balance. sometimes your ego dominates, sometimes your higher self.

  • According to Aristotle, happiness (eudaimonia, literally "well-ensouled-ness") is not a fleeting feeling state, but a result of living your life in accordance with your highest purpose/values. Perhaps then, true happiness is the result of basking in this light, and vice versa?

  • The higher self is you, or the collective conscious, the voice that always speaks to you on what you should be doing to make you happy, your passions in life, your voice of reason, the truth of your soul that speaks when you're soul is unhappy and the knowing of what would make it truly pleased, it's deeply rooted in each of us, uniquely. If we speak and live through that voice of conscious and pure love, then we will truly be with our higher self, and can evolve spiritually, mentally and physically through it to an even better version of ourselves, I believe.

Bill Kovski
Bill Kovski