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Have you experienced an encounter with some type of non physical entity before? Were you sober? Under the influence? 

Here are 10 brief encounters with entities from Acidmathers!

 I had just started dating this wonderful guy, but I had extensive history dating people that were nice before becoming abusive to me. I was deeply in love, but was so scared that my boyfriend didn't really love me, that I didn't love him.

I had been
holding on to some dmt for several months, waiting for the right moment to try it. I cleaned my room and prepared a gravity bong packed with a blend of calming herbs and meditated on my question: am I really in love? Does he really love me?

After inhaling, I sat back and closed my eyes. I traveled through a wormhole and popped out the other side and found hundreds of green hands dancing around each other and a green laser outline of my boyfriend.

Abby  My first trip, I felt a very womanly motherly figure next to me the whole time. Kind of guiding me through it. I could feel all of the 5 individuals in the room, plus her. And her presence was very calming to me

Suddenly a humanoid figure made entirely from white light with rainbow tentrils sprouting from its back appeared to me. It told me that I had nothing to fear, if he doesn't love you yet, he will. It told me that I had a happy future to look forward to and that the love I was experiencing was entirely real.

Kyle My dmt breakthrough I'm sure I interacted with other beings but I don't really remember doing that specifically. The whole trip was so hazy after coming back but I remember living what seemed a lifetime in a matter of minutes in another dimension or universe as another being with no recollection of myself here on earth.

Brady My third time trying it I was in a room with friends. Darkest experience of my life but the most humbling. I got to my dimension/space, so have it, and this crazy old witch lady was sitting next to me laughing. She then projected ages of war, death, and murder in front of me. She laughed the whole time and at the end she looks at me and says "you think that's bad...watch this..." she then proceeded to eat her face, followed by her entire flesh until she was nothing but a sack of intestines and a bloody mess. This whole time she was laughing and at the end she wouldn't let me look away. My friend then walked in the room scratched my head and said "hi Brady" and that pulled me out..

Jacob There was these jesterlike creatures that kept fucking with me. They were laughing at me then proceeded to show me a series of transforming, undescribable beauties. Each thing they showed me was esentially a different emotion/concept.

Fran  I witnessed a giant snake looking close at me, teaching me infinite understanding and charging my soul battery. I also gave birth to a strange thing, a machine made of wood and fabric that would only walk if the wind blew.

Lisa I have had communication with a snake/worm like being. Always comes from the left and seems to enter me somehow. I think it's teaching me to communicate telepathically but also is so wondrous in appearance that I find it distracting and difficult to pay attention.

Ashley I witnessed fractals of growing jungle formed Gaias face and she spoke to me. Another time, I had a crazy trip about some beings from another dimension or planet. They were tall slim beings with long human like faces and hyper inverted legs. They were in some sort of ceremony. It was on a mountainous volcanic island and was semi green. They were dancing and vibrating in such a strange manner in intersecting lines I had never witnessed anything move like that. The colors and the sound were hard to comprehend. The ones standing with me communicated telepathically to me that they were surprised at how well I could perceive what was happening. I wish I knew more now. The trip didnt last long enough haha I wish I could recreate it somehow. I never want to forget.

Tyler I met a man who called himself the bearer of truth. He warned that to know everything was to face some harsh realities. We were then transported to the rooftop and he showed me that he lived as a hermit. He then laughed and told me that what I aspire to be. He then sent me to an alien womb where I heard unitelligable and felt that the beings around me were analyzing my very existence. I then started feeling scared because I could no longer move. They then opened the womb and sent me back to my bed.

Christopher  Mainly just kind of like the machine elves that mckenna talked about that were drilling and fixing something in my head which actually felt pretty amazing, I was stressed about stuff before and it gave me a strong feelibg that everything would be ok.

These experiences may just simply hallucinations of the mind or maybe the experiences with entities is showcasing another layer of reality that is typically hidden to us, or even possibly.. they are both!

Bill Kovski
Bill Kovski