Giraffes just silently went to the list of endangered animals facing extinction

Giraffes just silently went to the list of endangered animals facing extinction

May 07, 2019


Two subspecies of giraffes were recently added to the list of "critically endangered" species for the first time ever, as per athelatest report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which administers the world's official endangered species list.

The next slots after 'vulnerable' are 'endangered', 'critically endangered', 'extinct in the wild', and 'extinct'. Thus, if we do nothing about it, giraffes could become extinct in the wild in the medium-term future.


Which giraffe species are facing extinction? There are nine subspecies of giraffes. Five of them are declining in numbers, two are improving, and one is stable, reports the New York Times.

Another subspecies living in the Horn of Africa -- called the reticulated giraffe - was listed as "endangered".


Giraffe subspecies which got a status upgrade Even though the Kordofan giraffe and the Nubian giraffe are now critically endangered, the West African and the Rothschild's giraffe species have seen an increase in their numbers, leading to an upgrade in their conservation status.

Giraffes are overlooked in conservation practice Giraffes have never been considered to be at any big threat of disappearing, but the truth is -- they have been steadily decreasing in number over the years.

However, this new classification came as a surprise even to some conservationists, as observing them often in zoos or in movies makes us believe "they will be fine" and we barely guess that they could be in danger. The cries for help have centred on rhinos, elephants and the illegal trade of pangolins for the last decade.

The dwindling populations of giraffe species -- some as low as 400 -- happened so quietly that barely anyone got an idea of the tallest land animals reaching so close to disappearing off the face of Earth. They are shockingly more endangered than any gorilla.

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