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Los Angeles, CA | A former employee of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has been arrested this week after allegedly attempting to poison the city’s water supply with a potentially dangerous synthetic hallucinogen.

Alexander S. Crow, 43, a former chemist and employee of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, is accused of trying to dump massive quantities of 251-NBOMe, a synthetic hallucinogen drug mimicking the effects of LSD, into Los Angeles’s water supply.

Crow is a member of the non-profit organization Psychedelic Rainbow Warrior Peace Force, a Los Angeles-based group which promotes the use of “legal hallucinogenic drugs” and “world peace” according to their website.


According to Police Chief P.J. Jackson of the LAPD, Crow was first intercepted by security agents after breaking into a restricted area of the LADWP with a modified milk truck tanker carrying an estimated 11,600 gallons or 43,900 liters of the synthetic hallucinogen 251-NBOMe.


Psychedelic terrorist

Since the arrest, several members of the Psychedelic Rainbow Warrior Peace Force have openly collaborated with the LAPD, some even admitting they had heard of Crow’s plans to introduce hallucinogenic drugs into the city’s water supply but had dismissed it as a “delusional fantasy.”

“He’d ramble on for hours about ways to introduce hallucinogens into the water supply and how he wanted the Russian government to finance his plans. We just laughed it off as mad talk” explains Matt Sheen, spokesman of the organization.

“He hoped that by pouring mass quantities of synthetic LSD into the water supply he would awaken the universal love within each of us, thus destroying the capitalist economy of the United States in a matter of hours and setting the stage for a new worldwide communist revolution,” he explained.

“He had cut all ties with us since last October when he said he had received a major anonymous bitcoin donation in the millions of dollars to work on a secret project he wouldn’t talk about, only hinting that the Russian government was probably behind the large sum. We just thought he was crazy,” he added in disbelief.

Alexander S. Crow was an assistant chemist at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power from 2003 to 2011 after which he was allegedly fired for substance abuse problems at work according to family members.


  • Wow the heading said lsd but it was really a research chemical that shit is dangerous

    Will Shope on

  • The public water supply has a plethora of low doses of various poisons and drugs anyway, might as well add one more! Wouldn’t actually have effected anyone who actually properly filters their water

    Mosset on

  • I think you have to be tripping to believe this story

    Pedro on

  • You should really avoid saying LSD if it’s specifically not LSD. NBOMe is very different from acid.

    Jojo Kness on

  • Just stupid!!! Whatever he puts in the water could create such a panic! People hallucinating!!! Killing themselves or others??

    Patti Harrild on

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