Mesmerizing “Time Slice” Photos Show Single Locations at Different Times of Day

Mesmerizing “Time Slice” Photos Show Single Locations at Different Times of Day

May 11, 2019

For years, artist and photographer Fong Qi Wei has been skillfully slicing photographs into awe-inspiring scenes showcasing the passage of time. Known as “time slice” photographs, each work of art combines several photos taken at different times of day to produce a single, strikingly cohesive composition. To create each piece, Wei snaps several photographs of the same location over a period of several hours. He then digitally divides the images and extracts a single strip from each. Finally, he pieces together these strips, creating a harmonized scene that beautifully depicts a range of time.

While time slice photography is a prevalent practice among contemporary artists, Wei’s work is renowned for its creative compositions. Rather than simply combining the “slices” into vertical stripes, the artist experiments with angles, shapes, and placement.

Some are arranged into ray-like formations, for example, while others are split into series of circles. Though Fong Qi Wei notes that he has been working as a photographer for over 10 years and that he creates his time slice photos using a digital camera, he also recognizes the painterly quality of his work and practice. “Photographic galleries call my work paintings, while traditional galleries specializing in paintings call my work photographs,” he explains. His work, however, is not affected by these classifications or genres. Instead, it is defined by its effect on the viewer and its ability to resonate. “I strive to make images [that touch] both the feeling part and the thinking part of your mind.

My art seeks to get your attention and hopefully engage you on a deeper level as you look at it for longer.”


Original article: Mymodernmet.

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