TESTIMONIAL | Meth, Not Even Once

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TESTIMONIAL | Meth, Not Even Once

Art: Pat Ennis
Testimonials from Acidmathers

  • I'm a week sober and don't intend on spinning out for a long time because it truly is consuming. But its a weapon, a strong one that if wielded correctly can help you do amazing things. I've stood in front of a chalk board for 3 days straight and learned basic trigonometry. I've created amazing works of art due to an inhuman level of patience. I am incredibly talented in many facets thanks to meth. I've done it for years, carefully balancing its addictive qualities. Psychedelics may help you understand the bigger picture but stimulants help you master the picture we live in currently. Now I don't advocate or recommend it but to the strong its more than it seems and its a shame it has such a negative social connotation. As mentioned I'm a week sober because it was time to stop. I can read myself and be okay with that. I've done over 5k$ in it but I've spent.....about 200$. That's it. Meanwhile my friends who worry about my addiction drop 100$ a week for bud.

  • Meth changed my life, a rare case of for the better but there is absolutely a reason why they say not even once. Thought you'd like a valid argument from the other side.

  • No matter what I will never need meth. If I have a cause that needs meth to accomplish I really need to re-evaluate things. LSD is a nervous system stimulant and I can stay up for DAYS on acid and learn/teach myself whatever I want to. Flow like ive never flowed before. And after u do it once it stays there. No matter if your high or not.
  • I said I would never touch it, and was dumb and going threw a rough time and did the whole, "I'll see what it's like ONE time". That one time turned into three disgusting years of soul shattering addictive hell. So many times I almost lost my mind. On a happier note, I was able to stop cold turkey and get away. June 16th is my two years sober.
  • It's just a chemical, it's not evil on it's own. It requires a human host body with a weak mind to become evil. There's seriously people out there that don't go full junkie with it, but they are few and far between. I've done it 1 time and I had no desire to repeat it. It's not an automatic "now you're a shitty person" switch, but there's always that group of folks that lack discipline and have a life full of bullshit that would rather just feel like that than deal with their problems or whatever, and you get addicted sad shitty people. It's certianly one of the worst substances out there, I'll say that... but calling it evil is silly. the evil is already in the hearts of the people that spin out on it.
  • Even if we wanted to try weed when D.A.R.E came around in my schooling (6th grade for me) we didn't know where to get it, or any other drugs for that matter... (hell, most of us didn't even know what these damn things we're or what they could potentially do other than offhand mentions in comedy, MAYBE) That was untill the D.A.R.E officer gave us the closest thing to specific directions on how to locate and buy drugs from a dealer in our neighborhood. By the 7th grade, a bunch of kids that had never tried it had become potheads. Good work D.A.R.E!

  • I've done meth a small handful of times. Can't say I got addicted to it at all. Granted, it's not really my sort of ride, but I wanted the experience. I did enjoy a lot of parts of it, I get why folks would do it, but it's honestly boring, and I found regular amphetamine to have a more pleasurable feeling to it. Exactly how i felt about morphine (being the closest I've come to H yet... becasue I won't touch the shit unless I know it's pharma grade shit, you know?). I found coke to be a major letdown too. Most of the bad scary hard drugs are boring as fuck imo. Pot and shrooms and LSD are a billion times more interesting and good feeling in my book... but we are all after something different out of these experiences, right?

  • The problems mostly come from lack of education and people with lots of pain and ego problems. The majority of users of pretty much any drug aren't abusers (yes even meth and shit). you'd never even be able to tell them apart in a crowd of normal folks. Most of us users understand and value moderation and respect our bodies and the substances we put into our bodies. Most of these substances have a viable use somewhere for something (even if better alternatives have come along).

  • If you fight the sleep you go into this state where you've got a warm fuzzy body buzz (which, sure it feels good...) and you've got "the nods" becasue you keep trying to fall asleep lol. It's LAME. Who the hell wants to feel like a retarded sleepy baby? that's all that oxy's did, morphine, codeine, ect. I almost get it, the way your body feels, that comforting warmth, it's nice... but man, it's just the same feeling I get when I've been up too late and I can't sleep but with extra fuzz. It dosen't really change your perceptions in a profound way, it just make you sleepy and lazy and shitty to be around.

  • Meth and booze are both toxic to the body just in different ways. Meth is more neurotoxic, alchohol is more hepatotoxic. They both have a generally toxic effect on several parts of the body, and both are filthy substances.booze causes bigger problems for society than meth ever will due to it's much more widespread use, so if anything it's more socially toxic. Physically they produce different sorts of toxicity, I'd wager that booze is more widespread in it's toxicity in the body as well.







Bill Kovski
Bill Kovski