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by Bill Kovski October 01, 2016 0 Comments


Artist: Hakan Hisim

Has psychedelics helped you overcome depression and ptsd?

Do you think you can recreationally take a drug but still get the same therapeutic benefit out of it?

Zack  If you use it the right way it can cure anxiety, depression, PTSD ect. If used wrong or in the wrong set and setting it can cause all that stuff or worsen it. Psychedelics are like power tools for mental development and should be respected as such. With a power tool you can build a house or cut your hand off. Its the way you use it that makes the difference.

Brad  Psilocybin has helped my depression for months now. If you're in a good environment while tripping, you'll feel so good afterwards

Michelle  I find it has helped with depression when used about every 3 to 4 months, generally helps me keep a positive perspective and see the beautiful little things I would normally just dismiss being caught up in my own thoughts about whatever stupid things are stressing me out that day. I stay more in the moment afterward. I think some people it could help but the mindset you need to have is one of hope and without anxiety about doing it, otherwise it can make it much worse. I haven't had a bad experience but a friend was very depressed and it just put him farther down because he wasn't in a good place.

Connor Brent Hatcher I was clinically depressed ever since I was 12, and all doctor's could tell me was that my brain worked like a girl's during her period, but randomly at any given moment and there's no cure. What a great thing to tell a depressed 14 year old. Over 4 years I went from Alcohol to weed
to L to Mushrooms to occasional weed to nothing at all now. I feel free, and I enjoy drinking every now and again. I take 5-HTP, D3, B12, B6, and magnesium for supplements among other natural things whenever I have time to break free. Following my passion changed me, I got rid of my Vice's and pursued Love. Love's Great.

Elyse  I think the therapeutic benefit can definitely be reaped from taking something recreationally--but it obviously depends on the drug and like
Tom said, whether you have a solid, smart, and directed intention for it. Ialso think in many cases subc
onscious ailments people have pushed under the surface can be healed or at least helped by taking something that they didn't even intend to be therapeutic at all. I know that was the case for me! Thank you mushrooms

Isaac  I have overcome most of my traumas through the use of psychedelics, I found I let go of a lot of weight and pain. I find it hard to do psychedelics recreationally, there is always something to be learned regardless of my intentions, while taking them.

Nathan  I think they act as a reset button. They might not completely sweep the attic, but they clean it out pretty well.
If you let negative manifestations rule the cleaned out space that's where you'll go, if you let the positive manifestations fill your ro
om , that's where you'll go.

So I would have to say they're well suited for both recreation and mental illness. You can always clean out your brain and try to look at things from a new perspective .

Bill Kovski
Bill Kovski