RANT | A future for psychedelics

by Bill Kovski October 05, 2016 0 Comments

RANT | A future for psychedelics

Most people are aware that positive attitudes attracts positivity but do we really know how it works?
We understand that we are like radio receivers; our perceptions are our antennas.
Feelings and thoughts can manifest in the auric field.
It helps to be able to see it but not all people are able to so then some don't believe that it exists.
This means that they don't pay too much attention to their vibration of their thoughts and the frequency is muddled.
I personally think technology can be an asset for understanding each other clearer.
A technology that responded to our intentions and that was enabling everyone to really see beyond the veil.
I have seen this in my dreams.
Where a giant bubble was above the persons head, and they were able to tell a story with pictures.
I believe that was a window into a possible future, or depending on how you view time and reality, you could say a possible now as there is and only will be now.
A psychedelic virtual reality where our thoughts and intentions become immediately manifested.
I think we will be embarking in a new media very soon.
Tv shows and the like ail become a distant cousin that we don't refer to anymore for consouling.
We will have a virtual framework to work with.
An open sourced domain where information and experiences will become more palatable.
Imagine a virtual world where you could visit an holographic image of Christ, or McKenna or Alan Watts, and they would be programmed with all of their literature and talks and so they could provide counselling for anyone interested.
It would be the internet on steroids.
Where information on the surface level is not only obtainable, but direct experienced information would be available.
I would rather anticipate what is coming next, then try to integrate my beliefs into something that is way too established.
A new media, a new vision and a new understanding would evolve out of this.
People who have grown up with technology by their sides since they were born will not see this next wave of technology as intimidating, although some will be against it and would rather be connected to others and information through their understanding of themselves and nature.
I contend that this is essential for new technologies to uproot.
I believe that if we cannot do the detective work regarding the uncovering of the nature of consciousness and man on our own without the aid of technology then we should embrace what the possibilities that it presents.
The benefit of thinking like this, is that I can anticipate what is inevitable and because I embrace it, I am pursued to want to be apart of this wave of change.
I am well aware that steps are already being made to see transhumanism and the singularity occur by 2045.
Billions of dollars will be spent to evolve our species but now the question remains is this actual evolution?
Shouldn't evolution be a natural process and not something that we can directly alter and curve for advantage?
Shouldn't our connection with spirit be a natural expedition and is it really something that technology has any business in?
This is why I propose psychedelic technology.
Now, I do not believe that psychedelics gives us all the answers but rather it makes us raise more questions.
The more unknowns that are uncovered through the questions that raised, the more chances we have of discovering something that is overwhelming compelling.
Although the technology I have in my mind is very primitive in my understanding, what I am proposing is a 4 dimensional, self replicating nano bio technology that has merged with psychedelic compounds.
What if we were able to recreate a virtual world that is the exact replica of what someone would experience on DMT but this virtual experience lasts for as long the subject wanted. DMT users are quite adamant in that they experience a life after death scenario and speak to a Godhead figure, well what if this virtual world that we create is imbedded in real molecular structures.
Now, what gets really weird is that what if we are already in this virtual world and are real selves are in a dmt induced virtual experience!?
I believe that it will be potentially through a technology like this, that we really start to uncover truths about our human experience.
If what I am suggesting is true, then when you die, the real you would wake up in another reality and say, oh that was neat, lets do it again!
But this time I want to be a snake, and then your consciousness would be uploaded onto the experiencer snake.
I believe that animals are directly aware of this technological matrix that is embedded within our living experience.
They are aware of it because they are in direct communication with nature.
If we view this world as a holographic matrix, then nature is simply a bunch of data that is being processed by 1s and 0s.
Nature is a self aware organism, and its a potentially aware of the computer code that governs it.
If birds automatically know where to fly to gather certain twigs for their nests, then they are tapping into a system that records all living experience and makes itself available to the perceiver if they are embedded within its system.
What has happened to western man is that he believes he is separate from this system.
He is a wave in the ocean yet he believes that he is separate from the ocean.
Psychedelics are not the only tools that can help guide our awareness to these possible truths. But for now, I will only focus on them.
The goal will be to get to the point where a neuro surgeon could merge a psychedelic nano technological compound with the correct neurons, then we would get closer to having the ability to change our brain chemistry.
How this becomes virtual is something I will leave the reader to develop.
If this whole idea proves to be impossible then it will just make for good science fiction. However, I believe that technologically, mankind is at the front door of a major development but I believe that there are compounds here on our Earth that are meant to be merged with our biological systems through the process of integrated technology.
So I think what I am getting at is that if we are in a derma state right now that has been induced by a psychedelic substance harnessed under a virtual condition, then by mirroring this, we might just wake up from this paralysis.
This is the kind of idea, fundamentalists will kill somebody for having and trying to prove.
This is the kind of idea that from I can tell no one has thought of yet.
Although this is basically what McKenna was suggesting in take back your mind speech.
A virtual psychedelic world where we could see what we mean. "If we could see what we mean, then we would have a kind of telepathy".
What must occur first, are legislations that recognize this as a science and a venture that is essential for mankind.
This would mean that laws that trip away our sovereignty over our own consciousness would have to be dismantled.
We would need complete autonomy or this is the kind of stuff that would have to be done in laboratory basements like in Fringe.
I live everyday knowing that there is something up with this reality.
That there is just something about it that just isn't right.
It is this intuitive feeling I believe that will help uncover truths about our experience and understandings of the nature of our experience.

Bill Kovski
Bill Kovski