RANT| Integrating into What is

by Bill Kovski October 05, 2016 0 Comments

RANT| Integrating into What is

Artist: Miles Toland
More and more people within the psychedelic community are turning to other means after the trip to properly integrate their experience into their daily lives.
Meditation is definitely one of them.
There are so many different types of meditation and I in no way want to suggest that I have mastered one of them but learning the art of breathing is an incredible tool to encounter the meditative state.
The concept of community seems quite prevalent within the acidmath camp. We are not trying to attack the system, but we are trying to integrate within it. Acidmath is showing that as a community, we have the passion and desire to make an extremely positive change on our planet. This group is showing that we have the strong desire to be well informed about the issues that interest us. We are not casual in this pursuit of a new culture. We are devoted and live and breathe the family that is acidmath. The majority of us are from 18-35 but we have some old timers who respect and love what the group is about and that means so much because they have seen fads and movements come and go.
People were calling acidmath a movement before I had the group established as a tour de force. Strength in numbers is one thing, but I would rather have 100 absolutely committed scotsman than 1000 wishy washy englishmen.
But back to the point.
Freedom of discovery, freedom of expression, freedom of experimentation, freedom of exploration, freedom of creation. We are on the fringes of a larger narrative that is going on in our planet. We not only have a voice, but we have the incredible urge to have our voices heard. We do not represent large investment groups, or the military, we are the psychonauts, the philosophers, the explorers, the educated, the former drug addicts, the homeless, the hardworking, the courageous, the lovers, the empaths, the artists, the musicians, and the creators.
We are alive and so is our planet. Our mother is alive but as a culture we have become deaf to her sacred crys. We mustn't think that the preliterate didn't have the right idea when they were experimenting with hallucinogenic plants. What I have discovered recently about the society I live in and their relationship with psychedelics is that they are afraid of what they dont understand. While some are intrigued, other looks at us like we are aliens, foreigners from the sewers who have nothing better to do but pack our minds full of mind altering substances.
We are not trying to escape from our reality but we are trying to discover more about the nature of it. Being a human is very exciting. We do not have the answers we seek, and we barely have the questions that we need, but we are on our way. The biggest thing that we can do as a culture is admit that we havent a clue about certain fundamental questions and truths. We must conclude that yes, the pre literates had the right idea, that nature are the doors and psychedelics hold the keys that we need to uncover fundamental truths about where we are going, who we are, and where we come from.
The closer we get to the truths, the more, the proverbial veil is lifted off our heads or so it seems. But we cant be oblivious of where we are going technologically.
The main theme in Acidmath is one of integration. How to integrate spiritual and body healing practices such as yoga and meditation into our lives so that when we undergo a psychedelic, mind altering experience, we have a proper foundation and we must keep those practices in our repertoire afterwards. Just like psychedelic experience integration, we must use the same procedure when looking to merge technology with nature. I am not a purist but rather a realist. We must use what we have under the pretense of absolute love and trust and we must never falter.
If we can use psychedelic compounds to foster a strong spiritual connection to nature and technology, then I think we might recreate the fantastical worlds that we experience in our dreams.
 All we can do is lead by example.
We cannot force people to live in harmony, but we can live in harmony and love one another as equals and as people we must blossom together, we must bloom together, we must unfold our spiritual petals and uncover the space that resides within us which potentially holds true understandings of who we are and where we fit in this cosmic dance.

Bill Kovski
Bill Kovski