Scientists Want to Talk to People Who've Had Life Changing Psychedelic Experiences

Posted by Bill Kovski on

Johns Hopkins University researchers wants to know if you’ve ever had a life changing experience while tripping balls.

Psychedelics have come a long way. LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, and DMT were a staple of the 1960s counter-culture. Hippie leaders such as Timothy Leary claimed that psychedelics were a powerful tool for literally changing minds, but the culture pushed back against the hippies and, for decades, serious research into the chemicals stalled. That’s changed.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University are among the many serious scientists looking into the positive clinical and psychological effects of psychedelic experiences. The group previously wanted to talk to people who’d encountered extra dimensional entities on DMT. Now, they want to hear from people who’ve had life changing experiences on any hallucinogenic drug.

It’s part of the groups research into a phenomenon known as quantum change. “Quantum change is a theory that states that psychological insight or mystical experiences can bring about powerful changes in mood, behavior, thoughts etc,” Alan Davis, a co-researcher on the project told me via email. “When psychological insight and mystical experiences occur together they might produce even more profound changes. The importance of this quantum change model is incredible as it will expand our current framework of psychedelic therapy models and help provide evidence that mystical and insightful experiences that are brought about by psychedelics might explain why they are so powerfully associated with positive behavioral, emotional, and cognitive change.”

This study is just part of a larger trend in the medical community around psychedelics in recent years. Researchers in California recently had so much success using MDMA (ecstasy) to treat combat veterans with PTSD that they’re pushing the FDA to rush the drug through the approval process. Popular author Michael Pollan’s new book— How to Change Your Mind—is all about the positive power of psychedelics.

We’re experiencing a sea-change in America about the way we think about psychedelics. If you’ve ever had a profound experience on LSD, magic mushrooms, ecstasy, DMT, or any of the others, go here to anonymously tell John Hopkins all about it.




  • Dose it pay? I could help ..

    Jed Campos on

  • contact me .

    albert azar on

  • I have both seen inter dimensional beings and had many many life changing experiences on psychedelics. From watching the serpent eat it’s tail and realizing time is fictitious. To realizing we are all on one mass state of connected consciousness. To being shown what it means to truly be human. Also being blasted right into the afterlife. Along with many more life altering experiences

    Tanner on

  • I once felt lile every sin in the world was my fault, as I suddently understood that what I thought was THE world was my inner representation of my surroundings, which made me see difficulty where for some it didn’t exist.

    My life as a 20 years old separated father, without any help.from her drug addicted mother has improved drastically using Psylocybe cubensis, legal 1P-LSD and salvia, which broke my ancient reality like a glass and made me try other stuff to lind of reform it

    Nicolas Santini Baraby on

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