RANT | The drug indoctrination system

by Bill Kovski October 05, 2016 0 Comments

RANT | The drug indoctrination system

Art: Erica Wexler
What is the main problem with the education system?

What about the drug education system?

The problem with the drug education system in Australia is that they act as if they're all foreign substances that no one knows anything about and are a one hit and you're addicted and fucked for life. They use the blanket term 'drugs' to encompass everything, making no differentiation between substance A and substance B through Z.
The war on drugs actually creates the 'gateway' problem, because the youth are bombarded with nothing but negativity with equal emphasis on all drugs and when people try one and realize they've been lied to their whole life it makes them think that perhaps they've been lied to about everything and then that's when people get caught up in harder drugs because they've been told the same stuff about both weed and heroin for example.
Fear mongering and information suppression never leads to a positive outcome.
We learn to use what we are told is right. Finding your own way is not appreciated or more clearly learning a technique which makes the task easier for you is wrong. We are separated by the age of 10 into 3 different school systems. The good, the normals and the problem kids (not smart enough, not interested, etc.). Mostly the good children get stressed a lot and have to learn very much but will mostly get a nice future. The normals are mostly workman and the problem kids get ignored by the system and if you don't have any dreams and the will to fight for it you'll end up getting no job. Being in school from 7:30/8:00 till 15:00+ is normal nowadays and having homework to do after school, too. The system is way too dependent of marks and if you have a teacher that doesn't like you, you are fucked up. You get pushed into roles and classes so early. Like problem kids are friends with problem kids, normals with normals, etc. that will go on forever. They won't ever change their behaviour.
I think the biggest thing is the fact that they teach kids what to think and not how to think.
Also, their idea of drug education is actually anti-drug propaganda, filled with lies and bullshit. True drug education would be more about harm reduction and less about trying to convince kids that marijuana will make you kill people.
There is no drug education. The only time I was ever told anything about drugs by my school was when I took one class in the seventh grade called "nutrition and wellness". We spent one week where we were told the names of common illicit drugs, and if someone ever offers any of them to you, you must say "NO" and walk away or else your entire life will be ruined instantly. IMO there needs to be mandatory classes specifically about drug education. Schools need to teach kids about what each specific drug actually is, what it does to people biologically and psychologically, how to deal with people who are on them, etc. If kids actually understand what certain drugs do to people then they will know for themselves why they should stay away from them. We have to let kids decide for themselves. Because the way it is right now, the most intelligent kids are saying "fuck this teacher, I can do whatever I want, I'm gonna do this because nobody can tell me that I can't" and then they find out the hard way why they should've listened to that teacher. But if you just tell that same kid "if you smoke meth then you will look like this guy" then the kid will say "well I don't wanna look like that guy so I won't smoke meth". The problem is that it's a natural tendency for the kid to rebel against authority, so much so that it overpowers any logical thinking. But if you don't make the kid angry, you simply inform him, then there is no anger to cloud his thinking. And he will come to the conclusion himself that he shouldn't do those drugs.
It's not education...it's indoctrination. If you want an education,you have to spend unbelievable money to have an education. Public schools are institutions for indoctrination. They don't teach you the real history of America. they don't teach you enough about what to do when your in court. they don't prepare you how to survive with very little. they don't teach you about your taxes and how to file them. they teach evolutionism or creationism 1 is 100% false and the other can't be proven its just like teaching kids the world was flat when they didn't know. it sucks being given a false reality.
Problem: education system indoctrinates and does not teach kids how to think. 
Solution: A complete restructuring of academic values focusing more on sustainability and culture(arts) and development of a system capable of adapting to certain individuals way of learning.
Also elimination of lenders preying on the future by drowning college students in debt for basically life and/or driving other would be students away from going into higher education all together.

Bill Kovski
Bill Kovski