These “Dragon Balls” contain 3,000 grams of pure Cannabis Oil

Posted by Bill Kovski on

These “Dragon Balls” contain 3,000 grams of pure Cannabis Oil.

What looks like a magical orb, perhaps from a video game or fantasy novel, is actually a giant ball of glass that contains pure cannabis oil, measuring 99% pure THC.

Devised at X-tracted Labs, in Seattle, the process begins by using a hydrocarbon concentrate known as “The Clear."  This concentrate is made using an extraction process that strips everything from the cannabis plant except its essential compounds known as cannabinoids.  The process drips the final product into glass globes.

By reintroducing terpenes, aromatic oils that naturally occur in many types of vegetation, including cannabis, into the solution after extracting it, they are able to fine-tune the aroma, taste and even effects of the THC.  Terpene levels can be adjusted to make strains more uplifting, sedating, stress-reducing and so on.


“When we add natural terpenes, we’re simulating the effect profile of that strain,” co-founder Ryan Abernathy explained. “Part of why the Super Lemon Haze sativa makes you feel the way it does is because of all these different terpenes. So when you recreate that, you’re going to get similar effects. It’s not just because it’s a sativa.”

Not only are they developing flavor profiles and affecting strain quality, but they are producing some of the most awesome looking cannabis oil balls known to man, dubbed the Dragon Balls.


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