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GUIDE | Tips for meditation

by Bill Kovski October 04, 2016 0 Comments

GUIDE | Tips for meditation

Ever feel like your mind is in a million places at once?
Blaise Pascal. said that “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” - 
But how do we get to that point? Meditation is a process of seeing your mind in all its speediness.
Eventually, thoughts will become more transparent - they arise, dwell and fade away - over and over and over again.

The point of meditation is not to stop thoughts - that is not possible, but when you follow your outbreath, if a thought comes up (and they sure as hell will), see them and say silently "thinking" and return to the breath.
Eventually, your thoughts will settle, a little like dirt swirling in a glass of water and settling as the stirring stops. Over and over's not easy, just simple.

Be patient and don't beat yourself up - make friends with yourself, it will get deeper as ego lets go and then tries to take credit for it - humor is needed when you realize that ego is just trying to attend its own funeral.
A second technique to induce a meditative state is where you focus on the space in the middle of two candles.
With candle gazing, try an up right posture, and try a two part breath in and out through nostrils technique.
On inhalation fill and expand your chest with air first followed by belly then on exhale empty belly first then the chest and give slight force of the last bit of remaining breath in order to get max capacity for the next inbreath,pause for a second or two and repeat. Cosmic breath determines your thoughts and your thoughts determine your breathing.
It may take thousands of hours to master so don’t give up at first.

A third technique is to use chanting ,the Tibetans have a whole series of spirits to guide your moods ,repetition and chanting ,some traditional mantras like 'om mani padme om'or just om which represents the sound of the Universe, and are paths to recognizing dharma and can free the mind from personal chaos ,as long as you are sitting comfortably, or you could try activities like house cleaning, biking quietly for a long way,gardening ,drawing pictures of 'nothing’.
The meditative state allows us to act and not react based on fleeting irrational and egoistic thoughts that may arise. We can become the awareness of those thoughts and not try to eliminate them but to connect with our body with simple activities so that we stop over complicating our mental lives.

Finally, here is my 

Cosmic void meditation

Can you step out of your body and enter the great cosmic void?
Where it is comprised of everything and nothing.
If our reality is coming from this place and it was our intention to experience reality in this void, then do we have free will in the void?
How do we enter this realm?
Picture the void, a space where thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires come pouring out of portals.
Focus your intention on the green portal.
Whats coming through?
Now become the awareness of the portal.
Become the portal, become the heart.
Feel the energy engulf you.

Bill Kovski
Bill Kovski