What are the DMT machine elves?

What are the DMT machine elves?

October 01, 2016

Perhaps they are the programmers, and some say they might even be us in another dimension. Machine elves may sort of be like guardian angels, or spirit guides, just with a different purpose

When I met the machine elves, they were working very hard to hold every piece of matter together. The more my vision zoomed in on objects and people around the room, the more I saw of them. They seemed happy to be doing their job, but also clueless as to there being any other possible role for them in the world. I'm not sure that there is one.

Have you seen them before  or heard Terence McKenna talk about them? I've seen all types on entities on it, but never any i would have considered elves. side note: i thought there were gnomes hiding from me behind furniture the first time i ate shrooms (a large dose). 

Another idea is that the machine elves are the architects and technicians of the universe working round the clock to bring you reality. They are ancient, timeless. They always have been and always will be. They are our higher selves. The elves are ourselves. Just in another higher dimension.

What if they are the energy that runs the universe? When I blast off I'm transported to a "room?" which to me seems like an energy hub. They move in and out of everything, they are everything. And so am I. They showed me amazing things I can't easily describe, and they said so much (telepathically). But I came to understand (maybe) why Terrence called them machine elves. They are machines. They are the mechanism that runs "the hub".


Acidmathers accounts on what the machine elves may be:

    1. I'm not sure about elves but the entities i saw were constructing and deconstructing at lighting speed like building a lego land dismantling and rebuilding a completely different visual space around me
    2. Upon entry the machine Elves are usually with me in a room working on the spiritual template of my physical organism. The primary goal is always the gradual rolling back of amnesia to reveal full spectrum consciousness without the dis-integrating result of Reichs schizophrenic split.They teach the methods of communication and movement and the definition of freedom as time, space and form.
    3. Always benevolent although sometimes brutal with the Truth.
    4. Navigating as a singularity inside the allness takes some practice and the purpose built SuperLuminal beings are the best teachers I've encountered so far.
    5. Call them what you will they are present in pure heart potential initiates experiences until the training wheels are off so to speak.
    6. I don't now but I've worried that they are running a "matrix" type show. They are busy keeping up this reality as a front to theirs and when they see us, they understand we've broken through. That's why they sometimes panic and some don't care, They have personalities just like we think we do. Also some try to lead us around to stun us into fading back to our reality.

I have all sorts of theories on psychedelic entities. ultimately im not sure if i believe we are contacting interdimensional beings or anything, and its more likely that these are projections of the self which may be distorted in particular ways by how a specific compound filters our processes and data gathering in regard to anything from geometrical focus to facial recognition to perhaps archetypes within the subconscious and subjective imagination, memories, and dreams.


Daniel Gonzalez

Daniel Gonzalez said:

Good read!


Diana said:

Interesting! Would love to try it someday!

Trinity Anderson

Trinity Anderson said:

is spot on.
Trinity Anderson

Trinity Anderson said:

Number 6


Frost said:

I want to know more I’ve done lsd and have had the that’s their slavery and this my slavery mind set where I see beyond the 3rd dimensional thinking processing where I could think beyond this world this point of view where I become more than being at that moment


Hammerheart said:

I would be interested in knowing what the people who believe these things/have these experiences make of the ancient Gnostic text materials (Nag Hammadi library etc, possibly also some jewish-gnostic-kabbalistic* works) if they were to sit down & seriously read & study them.

It’s been said (eg) John’s Apocalypse (NT) is ‘a real trip’, but my serious point is that these experiences are so incredibly difficult to articulate in ‘normal headspace’ language anyway (eg this article on machine elves) that one wonders whether something like Gnosticism at the very least provided some sort of mutual, old (tried-&-tested as it were) scaffolding & ‘basic vocabulary’ in which to attempt to articulate some such experiences.

Note: I am not of the religion-comes-from-shroom-trips school of thought. I am, however, genuinely open-minded on the subject; eg, what one person achieves/accesses/experiences via intense study & religious devotion, trance-states and/or meditation [possibly having a neurology wired that way to begin with], someone else reaches using a substance. One shouldn’t get overly hung up on the method of journey (whether substances or meditation etc; as usual the Indians [India & I guess Native Americans] have millennia of experience with these things that today’s Westerners continue to too-often-blindly stumble through).

Note: Decades ago it was denied by both Jewish & Christian scholars that “gnosticism” had or could have any Jewish origin (major blow to their ideological basis); this has changed (eg cf Birger Pearson). Also, 50-75 years ago it would’ve been treated as an extraordinary/outrageous claim that gnostic Jewish sects, very early Christians etc had had contact with India or Indian thought, Bhuddism etc; this is no longer in-credible, & it is accepted some contact with India etc & these early Jewish/Christian communities likely occurred. (It is also now accepted by many that Hans Jonas had a highly interested ideological motive in The Gnostic Religion in hysterically denying Judaism could ever have had “gnostic” sects/elements, ’that’s a strictly Gentile thing’ etc, whose aim apparently was to divert & distract attention from ‘trends in Jewish mysticism’ ie Kabbalism. [Check out videos by Moshe Idel, eg where he states Gershom Scholem & Leo Strauss were hanging out with Julius Evola.])

There might be something to Kovski’s “matrix show” remark (archons of the demiurge pleroma???)… :)


Robotron said:

Indeed spot on. You don’t need dmt or any entheogen to communicate with them. Once you realize they are extarnal, carnate entities who make alterations to our 3dimensional realm then communication becomes somewhat easy.
Synchronicities are one of many ways they speak.


Stoll said:

“Another idea is that the machine elves are the architects and technicians of the universe working round the clock to bring you reality. They are ancient, timeless. They always have been and always will be.”

That’s exactly what “they” told me(telepathically) some days ago, in my first experience: “We have invented this(our reality). Long time ago.”

“When I blast off I’m transported to a “room?” which to me seems like an energy hub."
In the three experiences I had, I always end up in a sort of room.
Yesterday they told me that they have (that there is) a sort of super computer that can calculate anything and answer every question.

It can’t be a coincidence.


Paul said:

Hey traveller! You are not here by accident. Know that I am with you and you’re going to be safe no matter what.
Love you.

Ffransis Morgan

Ffransis Morgan said:

https://ffransisnomadicortex.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/dmthyperlink20181.jpg Please see the original from the artist.


Paula said:

How wonderful… email me plz. I’ve met them on ayahuasca. Would love to talk about it

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