TESTIMONIAL | What is 1PLSD and what are the experiences like?

by Bill Kovski October 01, 2016 0 Comments

TESTIMONIAL | What is 1PLSD and what are the experiences like?

 Artist: Miles Toland

These accounts from group members and names are not mentioned for legal purposes. 

  • 1P is amazing. I got a batch of it several months ago from one of the guys behind it to test out and was very suprised how similar it is to pure-L. Only differences i noted are a *very* slightly heavier bodyload on the come up, which quickly fades, and a duration of about 10 hours. Other than that, it seemed practically 100% indistiguishable. I know what you mean by the "wanting to keep it a secret, yet also want everyone to know" lol. Truly the best RC i've ever tried. I expected it to be closer to AL-LAD, but was very suprised by how close to pure it is. Very clean experience! Would definitely recommend to anyone that enjoys their pure-L

  • 1p and LSD arent different. 1p is a prodrug of LSD25 - You're feeling LSD25. Whether Jason is 100% sure about it or not, its science. You could be not 100% sure if gravity was real, but it is.

  • The only thing i dislike about it being so extremely similar, is i feel many people will start buying it in crystal form and laying their own sheets with it; selling it off as pure LSD for profit. And while it's not neccessarily a "bad" thing to do, it's still false advertising and not giving the person what they paid for. Though atleast it's something much safer, and close enough to the real thing as opposed to what RC's people are currently selling off as LSD; it's still not right to do. Getting it on blotter from a lab, the tabs come with a picture of the chemical on the front, and has '1P-LSD' in bold black font printed all across the backside, so it can't be passed off as the real thing.

  • 100ug of 1p hit me and a group of friends like 150-175ug of good fluff. Very euphoric and visual for the dose but still clear headed compared to the rest of the trip that was going on. 

  • 1p LSD is very comparable to high purity LSD, just a bit shorter in a lot of people's experience. Not mine though, that shit had me going for 16 hours before I came down enough to chill lol. It's fantastic stuff and a good bit cheaper than actual needlepoint/GDF grade acid. Get it while it lasts lol.

  • Finally got round to trying some 1P-LSD, was pretty good! Nice and clean, come up was quick, fairly similar to normal L i reckon, although maybe only lasts about 8-10 hours. 300 mics was pretty visual

Bill Kovski
Bill Kovski