Phazed Interview

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Phazed Interview

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get inspired by the music I listen to, as well as browsing through Tumblr. The psychedelic experiences I’ve had in the past also inspires me, or at least influence the way I approach whatever it is I am working on.

What environment is most conducive to productive times? Non productive times? What do you think of the term muse? Care to elaborate? Are you spiritual or religious? Does this play into your art?

I find that I work best when I am at home, listening to some new music I haven’t heard before. I seem to to have more energy to draw when it’s a nice day outside. Mornings seem to be a productive time for me, as well as very late at night. I find that drinking coffee in the morning gets me started, and then smoking weed helps me have more patience and be more experimental. I am not very productive when I am very busy with work, or if I am distracted by all sorts of things I need to get done. Hence why I try to keep my place clean and organized, and the food stocked up so I don’t feel distracted by a mess around me.
As for the term “muse”, if we are talking about a source of inspiration, like a person for example, I definitely believe that people I have found beautiful in some way or another have always inspired me. A very large amount of my drawings are made using references of girls who are either friends or friend of a friend. There is also a lot of enjoyment and happiness that comes out of surprising someone with a drawing using their face or body as reference.
I am not religious, but I can’t disprove the concept of having a soul, or the possibility that our awareness/consciousness of the present moment could be the universe trying to experience itself. I believe in science, but I also believe that science has still yet much to discover. What was once considered magic is now science or technology, and I believe a lot of what we considered magic/spiritual today will be considered science/technology in the future. Having had psychedelic experiences with magic mushrooms has definitely given me more of a spiritual view on life as well.
My views are very similar to the things Alan Watts talk about, it is neither on the extreme scientific side, nor the extreme religious side, it’s rather a middle way between it all. I do my best to keep my focus on the present, making the best out of what I have now. Putting out as much positivity as possible, and that does play a role in my art. I don’t do art to try and show off my abilities, or to keep sharpening my skills, the main reason I do art is because I want to put out good vibes.

If there was something you could change or improve on. What would that be (in you or in others).

I would like to be a more social person, but I seem quite comfortable being introverted and a hermit working at home most of the time, on art, music, and my job. I tend to get obsessed over whatever I’m working on to the point that I block out the world, which is something I feel I could improve on.

 When you create a piece, do you already have an idea in your head that you're trying to convey in the piece at hand or do you just go with the flow?

It really depends on what I am working on, sometimes I already have the concept in my mind and I try to go with that, and other times I just go with a random idea that comes in the present moment. But either way, I let every brush stroke influence the next, so the original idea I started with might not be present at all by the end of what I’m working on.

How do you deal with an art block?

I find that whenever I have an art block, it’s either because I’ve gotten too comfortable doing the same sort of thing for too long, or I am taking things too seriously. An art block for me seems to come when I am trying to force art out of me instead of doing it out of enjoyment. So usually the best way for me to deal with an art block is to try something different, and remind myself that I don’t need to take it too seriously, I’m just doing this for fun.

Do you have any rituals you use to clear your head so you can actually sit down and have a solid session?

Drawing or making music usually is my ritual to clean my head, but there are some things that help me with actually getting to it and being comfortable starting a long session of drawing or making music. Like organizing/cleaning my space, getting anything out of the way that might need to get done. Smoking a joint can help sometimes too. When I was younger, I had a lot of issues with having an overwhelming amount of thoughts and anxieties, drawing helped me with that, but it was still a problem in the sense that it prevented me from really enjoying what I was doing sometimes, and it was distracting. Over time, through lots of research and listening to people like Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, and others, I’ve learned how to tame my thoughts, not take too seriously the illusion of my ego/persona/act , and no longer feel so much unnecessary anxiety/stress. These changes have greatly helped me with how I approach my art and music, and my level of productivity.

Bill Kovski
Bill Kovski