Art of Dino Interview

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Art of Dino Interview

Hey Dino! Where do you get your inspiration? 

I get my inspiration from Everything and Everyone i meet... Sometimes its the really happy and beautiful things of this world that overwhelm me with the energetic motivation to dedicate my every waking instant to Art and my visions and ideas for future Art... Other times its the terrible things of this world, the Evils, the decadence, the destruction, the WRONG paths of so many and manipulations of those with money and in places of power that really just fills me with a NEED to change things for the better. I see the way the future is headed and how it is completely losing touch with the Native ways of living in nature, with patience, without electromagnetics of constant communication,,and with poisoned foods and medicines, and i see it as a mission of mine to make people aware of the PERFECT world around them before it vanishes or is destroyed. The people spreading the insanity throughout the world have ALL the money of the world to do so, but i am convinced 100% (and i always have been) that the right ARTwork or Creative Creation CAN affect the world on a global scale and lead to an awakening/Renaissance/perpetual Earthly harmonized state that will make us ALL truly realize the magic of Life that so many try so hard to make us NEVER reach... But we WILL get to that point.. We Will Save eARTh...WE Must SAVE THE ANIMALS!  We all play a part, and mine is with ART. Theres no greater mission, and this intention goes into everything i draw and everything i do in my life :) 


Have you considered working with any organizations that deal with animal rights or saving the planet? 

Yeah Its actually always been a goal of mine to offer my Artworks to Fundraising organizations so that they may use them and donate the proceeds to their cause... My main idea is to offer the prints and only request 1 dollar per Artwork sold, so that i can basically keep track of how many sell... The rest of the profits would go towards the cause... Ive proposed this idea to possibly hundreds of charities and they rarely ever respond. A couple groups have offered my Arts with some success... But never what ive envisioned, which i guess is one of the only bad things about a hyper active imagination in a world where you are almost forced to Pay for advertising... Everytime i complete a drawing with a potential mission and fundraising potential, i assemble an incredibly large list of email addresses and sometimes phone numbers, and i send out Mass emails or post on hundreds of relevant facebook walls... I call it fishing... Sometimes they bite back, other times the calls go unheard... Other times they make promises and drop them in time... Its not easy working with others... I also often feel that some organizations dont trust that the artwork is fully appropriate, because of all the details i think they are worried some drawings may contain a fragment of something they do not support... Its all too technical working with others... So me and my Fellow Art Warrior girlfriend Erin have goals to one day achieve the ability to open a farm sanctuary where we can work first hand with animals... We have worked with several in the past, painting murals, offering donations, creating artworks for them and more... This works well and brings us and the Animals joy. I still envision some more mass scale adventures though. My Drawing tHE ARTk is still well under-utilized by Animal Rights groups, it is the ultimate Educational and Animal/Earth Awareness artwork featuring 1250 Endangered Animals forming eARTh... My current goal is to get this artwork into every school in the World... im only at 2 Now, but it has been recieved amazingly well... I need the world to Embrace the positivity and beauty of Our Art, and to do that and many other Earthly goals, the world needs to go through a Renaissance... Quick!



What environment is most conducive to productive times? Non productive times? What do you think of the term muse? Care to elaborate? Are you spiritual or religious? Does this play into your art?

In College i had a pretty intense roommate who would blast music I didnt like throughout the night and pretty much always. So i learned real quick to tune out the world around me Instantly! So because of this I can be productive virtually anywhere and at anytime no matter what distractions are encountered. HOWEVER, there is no time better than the hours of 11-6 AM... No one contacts me, All others are sleeping, the World belongs to the Creatives at this time. I almost feel as if i am doing a service to the planet by providing it with the vital nutrients of creativity when the majority of others are asleep. In the same way, i Love being creative during Super Bowls or other events that mean NOTHING to me, but so much to the world around me. Gotta feed the invisible realms of the planet when it is low. 

I guess i am pretty spiritual. I was taught at an early age, by my parents that associating with a particular religion is not important at all. So i borrow the Good from All religions who teach beauty. I grew up in a town with many religions, so ive been exposed to them all at a young age, yet it was the historical undocumented Native American presence in my hometown and in my neighbouring woods that i feel i connected with most. This led me to research Native cultures of the Americas, Aztecs, Mayas, Tibetans, Egyptians etc, of which i feel i am VERY inspired by. There are so many mysteries of the Universe, and so many cultures who existed harmoniously with Our planet, thats always been the way ive seen the world, and when my own thoughts match with those of the ancients, i know the path is Perfect. I never stop pondering my existence and Universal mysteries, I never Stop learning, and I never stop Creating. Art has become intertwined with the quest in the way that my Art brings out insights of the world that are often truly subconscious and Ancient. It allows to explore subjects on my path of discovery and pull out the magic that the universe has stored in its invisible timeline. Art is a magical practice, in All ways it is my religion :)

Do you ever find that certain environments inspire you differently though? Or are you channeling the same energy no matter what? I would expect to feel differently if I was next to a waterfall rather than just in my room. 

Well I've always felt that having water close by does something truly magical, especially breaking water that releases the magic constantly... Thats why all the best ideas come from within the confines of the bathroom, or at the beach... I spent a few months living right on Old Orchard beach in Maine, and i was incredibly Charged at All times. But i usually get my charge on in the woods or something and get fired up about my current doodling's or mission, and bring that energy to the table as quick as possible... I have had about 6 different ART rooms since 2000, and i feel they all possessed a unique feel at the beginning, which became charged as time went on. Ive been in moldy basements, sweaty top floors, dark rooms and more, and they have all allowed me to be extremely productive, which makes me believe i am channeling the same energy no matter what... While drawing... However when ideas are needed, i will occasionally go to a water source to solidify the vision. I am also beginning a new trend of spending entire days drawing outside while smothered in nature... It is part of my new mission to get people outside more, including myself, and to bring back the magic of the outdoors to everyone who feels scared by it due to bugs, sun, etc... All those things are necessary, nothing feels better than laying down on the eARTh and embracing whatever crawls upon you. Especially if its during an Art session... Plus i will usually include in my drawings whatever insects or animals make an appearance while i am drawing... which is always Fun :) 



If there was something you could change or improve on. What would that be (in you or in others).

In Me, it would be the amount of time that i spend dedicated to Art... As we all must do, money is often needed for survival, art supplies, shelter, etc.... It is my ultimate goal to live a truly creative life. It has been my dream since i could envision a future of any kind. I want to spend 20 hours a day being Creative, with 4 hours of sleep... and 2 hours of that 20 to be spent in Nature. Then i could complete all my Art ideas, musical ideas, Book writing, and so much more... So i would love to eliminate my need to work for anyone or anything else and live a purely creative Dream life, even if its in a hut somewhere in the woods. Which would actually be ideal. So i guess id eliminate Money! haha If i could change things in others it would be the worlds obsession with cell phones and other useless distractions. I have despised and not trusted cell phones since the first time i saw one in the early 90s. Still to this day i do not trust them and never carry one if it is ON. Yet i live in a world where everyone not only trusts them enough to stare into them for extended periods of time, but they do so So much that they are missing out on the world around them... And not only missing the beauty, but missing the fact that there are so many bad and corrupt things out there aimed at ruining their health and making them less aware of the Beauty of this planet. Chemtrails especially infuriate me, because virtually everyone is oblivious and trusting in them being Ok.. yet as an avid sunset watcher for over 25 years, i KNOW they do not belong and NEED to be stopped immediately. They have violated the ZEN of the days most beautifully perfect Celestial event. I firmly believe Our Generation can fix ALL that is wrong with this world, i KNOW it is possible, but People need to wake up and dedicate their unique skills to the cause. Which is impossible with their heads buried in handheld electromagnetic radiation distractions :) 


What are your thoughts on the recent developments in baltimore? Do you foresee a bloody and violent revolution in America or something else?

I have mixed thoughts. However i do feel it is a result of terribly poor leadership of Our Country combined with a horribly untrustworthy and pathetic mass media role that is truly detrimental to PEACE. There are so many Liars in politics, and on the media that I feel news organizations are not truly representing the PEOPLE... They are simply fabricating and manipulating lies to make certain aspects of their Terrible agenda fit into a puzzle that does not want them... The side of evil has SO much money, but the side of Good has an Overwhelming amount more people supporting it... Yet when a media only focuses on the evil, it makes people that Obey the media really think that the world around them is a horrible place. Which is the exact opposite of reality. So in Baltimore i see frustration from a people who have had enough, and acceptance from authority who is recieving orders from above that ends up accelerating the destruction. A True Presidential Leader would act as MLK and Unify, and would speak from a heart that beats Peace, not division. These past 7 years we have seen the near silencing of heroes and the media obsession with absolute total corrupt losers who add nothing positive to the world. This needs to change by way of a RENAISSANCE, or a peaceful revolution. Warriors of TRUTH, Beauty and the Perfection of the World have a harder time reaching the world because of a lack of funds... Whereas corruption is big business with big profits.. A new MEDIA must be born outside the realm of the controlled. New heroes for the eARTh must emerge and combat peacefully the underlying agenda of the monsters who have illegally seized control of this country and the minds of its People through pharmies, media manipulation, poisoned food/water/AIR, etc.... HOWEVER, i am convinced 100% that All humans are born perfectly GOOD... All this money aimed at making us Evil and enemies of one another, still continues to prove that it cannot be done when people become unified by the moments of Greatness... GOOD is Free and can spread everywhere freely if the right messages are getting spread... And i believe the population of America and the World are 99% GOOD, but with some confusion mixed in... However, when this EVIL agenda hits a tipping point/peak, and crosses a line so far that people REALIZE the Truth,  there will be a Mass awakening of GOOD on such a grand scale and ALL will be Friends and the Renaissance will commence. It All stems from Knowing that we are ALL Earthlings upon this Miracle planet. Everyone can grasp this... Everyone NEEDS to live by this... It Will Work, we will have a Golden Age and All this nonsense and control WILL be reverted back to Ultimate Freedom for ALL Life.. including the Animals... It All needs to happen before Our planet dies... I think everyone responsible for harming the planet for profit should be imprisoned and have their $$$ given to the people to put into Free Energy and crop production... The GMOs should be fed to them and only them... While we All eat crops grown organically and locally, everywhere it is possible to grow... 



When you create a piece, do you already have an idea in your head that you're trying to convey in the piece at hand or do you just go with the flow? 

It often depends on the Artwork as each one is different and filled with a different set of intentions. Some underlying intentions (Saving the World, Awakening people, showing Our interconnectedness etc.) can be found in every single drawing and thing i do in life. Yet others have clear missions and purposes that go beyond the stock intentions. But for virtually all drawings i have a vision in my head of what they will look like, but they often play out and manifest in completely different ways, while still having the exact purpose that i set out to instill in them. For instance, when remembering a dream it is vital to remember the "Feel' of the dream no matter whether or not you remember the events. My Art is like that in that i always capture the intended FEEL of my aim with the ART, but it is often displayed differently then i previously envisioned. Which has to do with many factors... Since my drawings take a lot of time, sometimes over a year or two to be ready for the world, a lot changes in my Life over those times and can be seen reflected in the Artwork. Sometimes blank sections of drawings will be there for months as i struggle to find the perfect/ideal imagery to fit into it. Plus i always have between 5 and 10 drawings in progress at ALL times, so that if i am stumped on one i can move right along with another. Some Art takes research and some in depth thinking in order to complete it, while others are just designed to be free flowing experiments of the imagination. This is necessary for keeping things fresh and ALWAYS having a drawing to go to and rock out on. Plus my idea list for future drawings is infinite...for instance, next year is my 33rd year on eARTh... aka my Jesus year, so it will be the year of my self portrait as well, which i am envisioning a little bit now, but will materialize differently as time and world events lead me closer to that birthday in which i will begin the drawing. I also do like to start and finish drawings on symbolic days that relate to the drawing. It adds to the magic of being an Artist and makes everything seem really overwhelmingly awesome :) Art is the best.


Do you practice lucid dreaming? Drawing in ones dream journal seems like a great idea. Is that what you do? 

I have had many phases of Dream importance in my life... Some of which have coincided with particular books I've read, or teas I've drank before bed. I love Carl Jung, as well as Native American writings on Dreams, and Tibetan writings and more... Yet i also have had a lot of amazing unexplainable dream synchronicities of my own throughout my Life... There is a Hopi herb known as Wild Lettuce which when brewed in a tea can create some amazingly intense lucid dreams.. However pretty much all of the time i will be simply drawing until i cant keep my eyes open any longer and need to pass out... I also like to live a pretty free sleeping life, meaning that i rarely ever have to force sleep or wake up at a time i dont want to.. So this helps the freedom... I also feel though that dreams come most when they are truly needed and something has to be learned by them, or a part of my path needs to be altered to avoid something not so perfect. I have learned to correct my path many times from events in dreams, and those moments are incredible. I also feel like certain places are hot spots for dreaming. I once slept in a Nicaraguan families home near a beach in Maine and had an amazing dream of Don Juan from Carlos Castenadas books where he took me for a tour of his dwelling and all his otherworldly artifacts... Other times certain basements will be dream hotspots, or sleeping on the floor, etc... The power to lucidly explore dreams is a necessary miracle to fully obtaining all the perfection that Life has to offer... I never understood those people who dismiss dreams... Some periods of time (especially with the Wild Lettuce) i have gone through months of living entirely full days within the dream world. I would often Sound record those memories the next day... I sometimes write them down... Only a few times  have i drawn a full image based on a dream, yet many of my small scenes (pieces of bigger arts) contain dream imagery of mine. I am still convinced that this reality is some form of dream, the illusions smother us for good and bad and there must be a way to peer through. That is my goal with the spinning mandalas, to create a glitch in reality that people on a mass level can see and experience... The mandala is a dream manifested, and to meditate and stare upon it is to enter a waking dream state where the illusion can be molded into anything your brain can produce. Whether it realizes it or not... Lastly i also have some dreams that have lingered for my entire life and keep getting stronger with age, how this is possible from a dream, is truly explained only by the magic of Life... At a very young age i had a dream near my parents pool in the backyard where a Jewish friend asked me my favorite Psalm. I immediately responded with Psalm 63. I woke up and discovered Psalm 63 was entitled "Ardent Longing for God"... i was about 7 when i had this dream... I also have had numerous dreams of this particular woods landscape which features an Art gallery/museum that is fully immersed in nature... Over time i realized the location of this dream, and it is forever been my goal to build my vision... and i WILL :) Dreams are the best... Art keeps you in tune with the dream life like nothing else can... All is Perfect :) 



How do you deal with an art block?

No Such Thing, Ever. There are too many ideas.. Too many images and messages that the eARTh needs to embrace. Too many Creative avenues that need exploring. I keep track of many of my ideas on paper as well as in neural filing cabinets where they perpetually evolve til their time comes to materialize. There is always so much to do and i am always a little behind in my Art goals because of the time spent trying to exist in this world around me (money). When the 20 hour Creative days fill my life, maybe ill run out of ideas when im 100... But then again i have ideas for that age as well... If given the chance to be a full time Artist, i would consider that the ultimate blessing of my existence, and would work tirelessly to fulfill that obligation towards eARTh and ALL its lifeforms :)


 "Who is your favorite artist?" It can tell a lot about their mindset and preferences and what kind of art they are capable of.

Dali was possibly the first person who made me truly realize that the thoughts within my imagination could be created visually. I'll never forget the first time i saw his Art in a book and really explored and understood its power. I am fortunate as well to have parents who love travel, so i went to Europe and many of the museums there at a very young age. And even at a young age i fully recognized the Power of touching an Artwork or object charged by an ancient or past Master. I always felt the need to touch things like Galileos tomb or Ancient Egyptian or Buddhist Artifacts, as well as Dali paintings behind museum boundaries... After Dali opened my mind to Art, i really started to love the dudes like Hieronymous Bosch, Pieter Bruegel the elder, and MC Escher. Eschers quest for infinity was reflective of my own quest even before i had learned of his mission. Alex Grey is another whose personal discoveries matched those of my own without even knowing. Those realizations of similarities between myself and others who dedicate their lives to Art really continued to enforce my need to create throughout all my life. Add these more modern masters with my love for ancient cultures and the favorite artist list expands infinitely. Some of my favorite creations are those of the Maya and Tibetans for they did not even need name recognition, yet the works will stand forever and be capable of influence always. I also had a great Norman Rockwell moment in which i had seen his Art in books all my life, but never in person. I then one day took a road trip to see his museum and wasnt really expecting much, yet i was absolutely blown away by everything from his technicalities to the emotion and feel of his work, and the tastefulness as well... Then i saw his little Art studio hut on the hill overlooking the valley and realized immediately that this was all i wanted with my life.. I even snuck around the boundaries there to touch a couple of his brushes and his easel...  Any Artist who dedicates his life to the craft and evolving the world with it, is a hero of mine and thus ranks in the favorites. There are so many great artists out there, i wish them all the recognition they seek to obtain :)

Do you have any rituals you use to clear your head so you can actually sit down and have a solid session?

 At the start of an art session i usually will brew a cup of tea, light a little Palo Santo sacred wood 'incense', get a movie ready and go to town... I used to and still occasionally will just put on some music, but i Love Movies and Film and love hearing the stories and traveling through the imagination of others. Sometimes i get convinced that ive seen all the good movies and then ill toss METAL on and just draw forever. It is ideal to get into the zone when all other daily responsibilities have ceased and i can remain focused. I often get giddy at the beginning of a long session, especially if i know that i can spend the next 8-20 hours drawing. Those are my favorite days, so productive, the trance sets in, the body goes into its dream mode and the hand just does the work of the brain and the surrounding spirits. I also never take myself or my Art too seriously, humor and the trickster make hourly appearances each day, keeping me grounded in laughter, the bodies best defence against EVERYTHING. I also have some rituals for when a mandala is beginning and when it is complete, before the official SPIN. My favorite moments of being an Artist are when a mandala is ready for its SPIN. I always suspend it from the ceiling and give it one good spin and then walk out of the room so that the UNIVERSE itself is the first to see it. Then i come in, very excited and stare for hours. Spending so much time on an Artwork, getting to know every dot, and then laying down and  observing it from all directions to see what it truly IS, is an indescribable joy of mine.  Those are the moments when i can feel with every atom of my body that this life is truly Perfect in every possible way. I want all inhabitants of the world to feel that way and KNOW it to be true. The Mandala is the key to this breaking through of the illusions surrounding us. So i will never give up or cease to create, EVER! :)  


Bill Kovski
Bill Kovski


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