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The concept of community is the central force within the ACIDMATH camp.
This website is setup to serve our community and provide financial support to the artists and creatives found within.  
Through this and many other ways w
e have the passion and intention to make a positive change on our planet.

The main theme in Acidmath is one of integration.

We are in quick and deliberate pursuit of new culture through freedom.
Freedom of discovery, freedom of expression, freedom of experimentation, freedom of exploration, and freedom of creation.  
These are things we hold most dear.

We are the psychonauts, the dreamers, the philosophers, the explorers, the educated, the former drug addicts, the homeless,
the hardworking, the courageous, the lovers, the empaths, the artists, the musicians, and the creators. 
We are on the fringes of a larger narrative that is going on in our planet.

We journey out to the realms of incoherency and we bring something back, we brought back ACIDMATH.

An online collective mind.